Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a national park of America situated in southwestern Utah. The main feature of the park is the Bryce Canyon, which, despite its name, is not a canyon, but a collection of gigantic natural amphitheatres along the east side of the Paunsogunt Plateau. Bryce is distinguished by geological structures, called Hood, formed as a result of frost weathering and water erosion of sedimentary rocks of the river and the lake bed. The red, orange and white colors of the cliffs offer breathtaking views for visitors to the park. In 1850’s, the Bryce Canyon area was settled by Mormon pioneers and was named after Ebenezer Bryce. The park occupies 35,835 acres. Bryce Canyon National Park is much smaller and located at a much higher level than the nearby Zion National Park. Bryce rim ranges from 8000 to 9000 feet.