Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a special community within Seattle city center and it is one of the oldest running public peasant markets in the United States. The market opened on August 17, 1907. More than the city’s favorite public market, Pike Place Market is the business places to hundreds of peasant’s craftspeople, small businesses, traders and the residents.
Each group is an important and essential makeup of Pike Place Neighborhood. Pike Place runs from north-west Peak Street to Virginia Street. In addition to preserving and protecting the historic buildings and character of the nine-acre historical district, as a farmer, artisan and small business incubator and supporter, the person who was chartered by Seattle City for providing low-income services to the Pike Place Market was chartered.

The market is built on the edge of the steep hills, and there are several lower levels at the bottom of the main level. There are various types of unique shops at each level, such as antique dealers, comic books and collectible shops, small family-owned restaurants, and the oldest major shopping centers in Seattle.
Upper street level fishing equipment, fresh production stumps and rolled arcade run straw stalls. Local farmers and artisans sell annual volumes of tablets hired in the markets according to market targets and targets: allowing consumers to “Meet the Producer”.
The normal market hours from 9am to 6pm and at 9.30am to 5.00pm for separate business hours change. Bakery, cafe and restaurant can be open earlier and till late night.

The Pike Place Market is home to about 500 residences, which live in 8 different buildings across the market. Most of these buildings have low income housing in the past; but they do not have anything like Livingston Baker Apartments. The market is run by the apparently government Pike Place Market Conservation and Development Authority (PDA).
With more than 10 million visitors a year, Pike Place Market is Seattle’s most popular tourist destination and the 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world.

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