New York City

New York City- The city of Hope, city of dream. It is a city of fair and light. New York is a source of inspiration with its romance, actions, and sprightly people lurking here and there. You will be wonder to see so many artist, writers and creative have flocked here on the city. It is a city of joy will give a new enthusiasm of life. It is surely to admit, the moment when you step onto New York’s street, something will excite you. The city is known by many names like- The Big Apple, The Capital of the World, Empire City.

New York City is consisting of five boroughs. It has land area of 302.643sq mile and situated in southern part of the New York. It is the largest and most densely populated city in U.S. having the population range of 8million. And over 22million people live in New York metropolitan state. New York City has been portrayed uniquely as cultural, financial capital, media capital. It also has a significant impact on education, technology, commerce, research, entertainment, politics, tourism, arts, fashion and sports. New York City is also home to the United Nation’s Headquarter. It welcomes approximately 62.8 million tourists per year.

New York attractions:

New York City is historic, it’s iconic. It is a city as you want it to be. It has many eye catching sites. Most popular and famous visited places are-

1) Statue of Liberty (symbol of freedom): one of the famous icons of America, gifted by France. It is one of the largest statues in the world. It is 152ft long from its base to torch. Well, you can the statue from land but you can find its true beauty, seeing it closely by taking a short boat trip.

2) Central Park (country’s first landscape public park): you will find about this famous greenly space in many songs, literature and films. Today, round 843-acres of plot draws millions of visitors’ attraction. This huge park in the city center decorates itself according to seasons. You can have a sunbath is summer or plan for a picnic, ice skating in winter, and watch birds in spring and fall. This park has many more attractions too, including Belvedere Castle, strawberry fields, Central park Zoo and lake.

3) Rockefeller Center: Rockefeller is a shopping complex and also a vast entertainment source in the middle of the Manhattan. It is also home to the NBC-TV and radio and other media center. The centerpiece of the complex is 70storey, 30 Rockefeller plazas and its Art-Deco Skyscraper will offer you awesome views of Manhattan from the top of the Rock observation Deck. In winter you can have the best feeling of skating on the outdoor skating rink. After Thanksgiving, a huge Christmas tree; decorated with light is erected in front of the rink.

4) Empire State Building (highest landmark building): one can’t imagine New York’s skyline without towering spike of the Empire Building. It is 1415ft including its antenna and 102storey building. This building is described as American Culture Icon and has been featured 250 TV shows and movies. There are two observatories on the top of the Empire Building that both offer amazing views, on a clear day, you can see up to 80miles, looking around the neighboring state of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts. It has the city’s highest open-air observation deck on 86th floor observatory.

5) Time Square (Manhattan’s Heart): Nowadays, Time Square in one of the most attractive destination for tourist. It also a commercial intersection and entertainment center. Though this place is best visited in evening but you can enjoy any time of day. This is the place where New York’s New Year eve is celebrated and the famous “ball drop” at midnight also.

6) New York Public Library: New York’s public library, properly named as Stephen A. Schwarzman building. It has a vast collection of books and magazines. It is designed in the Beaux Arts style. Its mind-blowing rooms and famous city attraction has become material for many movies and TV shows.

7) Metropolitan Museum of Art: also known as the Met is a famous art museum in U.S. Currently The Met has permanent collection more than of 2millions of art works from around the world. Most noticeable parts of the collection include American decorative arts, arms and armor, costumes, Egyptian art, musical instruments, photographs, Asian arts, European painting and much more. It is one of the most visited art museums in the world.

8) Brooklyn Bridge: world’s first steel suspension bridge, spanning to East river from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This famous Gothic shaped bridge has inspired many generations’ poets, writers and artists. You can see this bridge from the east side of Manhattan but the best way to see it having a walk on the bridge.

9) Fifth Avenue (famous shopping street): once this place was called as millionaire’s row. It is the most expensive and elegant and shopping street in the city. You will find many renowned brand stores here. Apple store is the main attraction here because of its unique store structure. Besides shopping there are many places for sightseeing like; St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Empire State Building and, New York’s Library.

10) High Line: High Line is an elevated greenway line park and rail trail. It is 1.45mile long from west Manhattan looking to south. It attractions includes numerous plants beside the rail line and a beautiful views of Hudson River. It attracts more than 5,000,000 visitors every year.

New York’s Attraction Pass: A credit card like sightseeing pass that can use for visiting over 90 attractions, bus tours, cruises, walking tour and many more. To know more about city attractions pass, visit:

You can visit many different places like- One World Observatory, Chrysler Building, Theatre District, The 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Museum, Historical New York Society, New York Botanical Garden and others with your attraction pass. Choose the best Attraction pass.

Places in New York to eat: Restaurants of New York has many food verities from starter to desert. Culinary tradition from around the world include fresh harvest form farm, orchards and vineyards will give you best ingredients for an unforgettable dining with more than 20,000 different restaurants. Try from New York’s regional favorites like Dinosaurs Bar-B-Que and Buffalo Wild Wing.

Places to stay in NY: You are must to face the question where you will stay in New York. Well, when you are in NY, home is where the heart is. You will find many cheap or affordable hotels, or if you wish to stay in farm-house or resort, tent or cabin, you will get all the options to choose.

New York City is a city that never sleeps. The nights of the city is glitzy and dazzling as more like a colorful bride and full of life. And the day will charm you with the surrounding beauty of the city as the sunbeams make the city more bright and clear. It is a city that will amaze you the way you want to be.


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