Are you excited about lazy afternoons, long sleep, late night TV, and of course family outings? Summer wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Miami! In Miami- live in Sunshine, drink wild air and swim at the sea.

Miami officially known as the City of Miami is the center of cultural, economic, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade and financial of South Florida. Miami is the habitat of Miami-Dade County which is the most populated county in Florida. The Miami metropolitan area is the seventh-largest metropolitan area which is home to 6.1 million people making the metro area is the second-most populous metropolis in the southeastern United States and fourth-largest urban area in the United State.

It covers an area of about 56.6 square miles between the Florida Everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay on the east.

Things to do in Miami

Wonderful beaches, high-class nightlife and limitless shopping destinations are just a few of the things that Miami, Florida is known for. It is a scope to explore various extraordinary neighborhoods, each with a unique style, culture and architecture, from the Art Deco buildings on Miami Beach to the colorful homes in Little Havana. There is a magnificent diversity of tourist attractions in Miami for you to admire and enjoy.

1) Art Deco Historic District: Art Deco Historic District is an architectural wonder. Having a walk through this road is worth a trip out to Miami Beach. This popular architectural style of 1930s and 40s influence the trendy South Beach neighborhood. These exclusively colorful designed buildings displaying large neon signs were built after the devastating hurricane that occurred in 1926. If you are interested to stay in one of these historic beauties, many of the Art Deco buildings function as much more character than modern hotels.

2) Villa Vizcaya: The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens also known as Villa Vizcaya is National Historic Landmark was the luxurious winter home of 20th-century industrialist- James Deering. Covering 28 acres of land, this luxurious architecture looks as if it had been deported straight out to Europe. Although it seats right on the shores of Biscayne Bay, the main home was built in the Italian Renaissance style which was once a private estate, but today is houses the museum. The mansion boasts more than 70 rooms of European art and antiques. The grounds and gardens contain beautiful manicured flower beds, shrubs and shade trees, beautiful Italian and French fountains, pools, making it a popular place for events and weddings.

3) Little Havana: If you can’t get to Cuba then Little Havana is the best place to experience Cuban heritage, culture, cuisine, and music. The highlight of this Miami attraction called Calle Ocho Festival, held in March, is a celebration of Cuban culture is the main drag through the district. You’ll hear Spanish being spoken and you will see shops on both sides of the street sell Cuban favorites.

4) Zoo Miami: This is the only zoo located in a subtropical climate in the continental United States. Zoo Miami is a home to more than 3,000 wild animals which also included 40 endangered species. More than 1,000 categories of trees and plants including a large collection of orchids can also be found in tthe zoo. There are plenty of options for entertainment for children.

5) Wynwood Walls & Street Art: If you’ve an artistic mind, then you definitely won’t miss the incredible Wynwood Walls. This immense outdoor presentation is a collection of street art. More than 50 artists from Miami as well as from around the world, transformed the six main buildings from a warehouse to a canvas and then to an art work. The mural paintings change over and over. You can also get a view from your car, but walking will be the best way to experience the colors and skill of this exclusive art as the entire area is pedestrian friendly.

6) The Coral Castle: Coral Castle is an unusual limestone structure created by the single-handedly by Latvian American, Edward Leedskalnin(1887–1951) using supernatural abilities to move and carve numerous stones that weighing many tons. It is situated in unincorporated territory of Miami-Dade County, Florida. The structure is made up of numerous megalithic stones, mostly limestone formed from coral that weighing several tons. This incredible Coral Castle is popular for story surrounding its creation that claims it was built. At present it is a privately operated tourist attraction.

7) South Beach, Miami: South Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Miami that favorite to many celebrities. It is located on Ocean Drive. This popular beach attracts all types of travelers from all over the world who also come here to check out the historic Art Deco architecture and dining at some of the best restaurants in the state. South Beach resorts are is not the most budget friendly, so budget travelers are best to stay somewhere else.

8) Virginia Key Beach: This beautiful Beach is perfect for travelers who enjoy swimming in stretches of surf and lazing in sand under the sun. It attracts millions of both locals and out-comer tourists every year. There is a quirky antique carousel still remains on the beach site that is often used for many live music events and fun fairs. Virginia Key Beach is usually engaged with parents and children because of the two large playgrounds which are lovable to kids.

9) Sunny Isles Beach: Locating north of Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach includes two miles of public beaches, world class hotels, and dozens of souvenir shops. This area once used as a low-rent beach community, but today it is place to the Trump International Beach Resort and similar luxury beachfront properties. This Beach is also well known for its world-renowned restaurants, theatres, and nightclubs and shopping malls.

10)Haulover Beach: Haulover beach is one of the most popular beach for its surrounding landscape beauty. This beach includes a couple of picnic areas, and dozens of lifeguard towers. It is located right between Sunny Isles and Bal Harbor. Surfers also love this beach when the waves are strong and provide a perfect situation for surfing. Stunning landscape beauty of this beach attracts millions of travelers from all around the world.

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